our migration services



You can be confident of receiving the highest quality professional and comprehensive service from Atty. Czar Calabazaron.

As your Immigration Lawyer we will -

  1. explain in detail what is involved in the Visa Application process

  2. assist you with your application for Skills Assessment, including advice on

    1. how to prepare all the supporting documentation, and

    2. how to complete the Application Form(s)

  3. lodge your application for Skills Assessment with the appropriate assessing authority

  4. monitor the progress of your Skills Assessment application through the relevant authorities

  5. lodge your application for State/Territory Sponsorship, if required and monitor its progress

  6. assist you with your Visa Application, including the Expression of Interest, and all relevant written submissions, application forms and associated documentation

  7. lodge your Visa Application with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

  8. monitor the progress of your Visa Application through the Department.

Pursuant to the Code of Conduct, we cannot guarantee the successful outcome of a visa application. For the application to be successful, the applicant must satisfy all requirements of the visa class being applied for. The decision to grant a visa is ultimately left to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

We can, however, guarantee a thorough assessment of your visa options and provide realistic and honest advice on the likely outcome of your visa application. If we believe that your application is unlikely to succeed, we will advise you not to proceed. Under no circumstances will we advise you to proceed with an application unless we believe it has a reasonable chance of success. 


Your Visa Application with Us will generally consists of 3 stages:

  1. 1.Free Initial Visa Eligibility Assessment

  2. 2.Initial Consultation and

  3. 3.Visa Processing

Free Initial Visa Eligibility Assessment

Avail of our free initial visa eligibility assessment. To help us assess your eligibility against the range of visa options, please send your and/or your spouse’s latest Curriculum Vitae (CV) by email to attyczar@yahoo.com Please include the important information in your CV:

•Date of birth and marital status

•Your complete qualifications

•Name of institutions/universities, medium of study, percentage/grades

•Full work experience details for the last four years including designation and 5 main duties.

•Any relatives in Australia who are willing to sponsor you, where they live (city/postal code) and their relationship to you.

Initial Consultation

If you meet the essential criteria for a particular visa based on the initial visa assessment, we offer a 30-45 minutes consultation (personal, phone call or via skype) to discuss in detail your visa options including costs, visa procedures, criteria, expectations and/or what you can do to strengthen your application. We charge a nominal fee for the initial consultation.

Visa Processing

We will advise, handle and assist all aspects of  your visa application including obtaining the required skill assessment, preparing and lodging your visa application, monitoring the progress of your application and informing you of the decision on your visa application. We provide full legal-type representation from start to finish.  

Professional Fees

As each Client Application is unique, we cannot provide a standard quote for our professional fee for visa processing. Our professional fee is entirely dependent on the type of visa to be applied for and any specific complications on the case. Our professional fee fall largely in line within annual industry rates as published by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

We will provide you a formal Fee Estimate and an Agreement for Services and Fees for your review and acceptance prior to us handling your case. The Fee Estimate will show the approximate costs that you might incur with your particular visa application.