czar C. calabazaron
  barrister & immigration lawyer


ATTY. CZAR C. CALABAZARON is an Australian Barrister and Immigration Lawyer  (MARA No. 1281036) offering professional advice and assistance in Australian Immigration.

Atty. Calabazaron is currently the ONLY Filipino Lawyer practicing as a Barrister in NSW. He was called to the Philippine Bar in 2003, admitted as Solicitor in the NSW, Australia in February 2008, and called to the NSW Bar in April 2013.

Atty. Calabazaron has extensive legal practice in the Philippines, Brunei and Australia. He is a Partner/Consultant in SCF Law Firm.

As a Barrister in Australia, Atty. Calabazaron practices in Immigration Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Law and Civil Litigation.

As an Australian Immigration Lawyer, Atty. Calabazaron is committed in delivering the highest level of service that will make acquiring an Australian visa faster for you.

Atty. Calabazaron is readily available to all clients wherever located, whether it’s a phone consultation, an office visit, or communication via email, or skype. If you would like additional information regarding your specific Australian immigration issue, please contact Our Offices to schedule a consultation.



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